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Advocating for food systems change in Hawaiʻi

Hawaiʻi Food+ Policy is an internship program through Purple Maiʻa that gives Hawaiʻi college students and young farmers experience in civic engagement, a professional work environment, and problem solving through the lens of food systems advocacy.

We are tracking food & agriculture legislative measures. We encourage you to join our efforts to support a more sustainable & resilient food system!

Announcments & Opportunities

Announcements & Upcoming Opportunities

Here are ways to learn more about our food system & get involved!


2024 Food+ Policy Internship Applications: Closed  

Our internship program application is now closed. 

 Please check back for more updates for future opportunities. 

If you have any inquiries, please get in touch with us at


Need help submitting testimony?

Check out our legislative resources

2023 Food+ Policy Priorities
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2024 Food+ Policy Priorities:

  1. Increase civic engagement in younger generations through empowerment and education 

  2. Increase opportunities and remove barriers for young people to engage in small farming for local consumption - as a way of life or a career 

  3. Decrease dependency on imported food and agricultural goods and increase local farmers and value-added products for Hawaiʻi food resiliency 

  4. Incentivize and support regenerative and Native Hawaiian traditional farming and fishing practices

  5. Create access to healthy, culturally appropriate foods for food-insecure communities and demographic

  6. Provide farm-to-school programming--production, education, and local procurement --for all learners

  7. Support policies that serve the health and wellness of people, the environment, social equity, and economic stability of Hawaiʻi


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Mahalo to our sponsors, past & present:

The Healy Foundation

Kim Coco Fund for Justice of the Iwamoto Family Foundation

Stupski Foundation

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