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As one of the most geographically isolated places in the world, Hawai'i imports as much as 90% of our food. This is alarming for our community and we need a stronger food system in Hawai'i. Through this huli drive we are encouraging the community to get involved in the legislative process, and foster planting your own food. We help our community to create a Hawaiʻi Legislature account through, to write testimony, participate in hearings and connect with your legislatures. 

As kupuna, our elder, We honor Haloanakalaukapalili by providing huli to strengthen and restore the connection between our community and Kalo. We hope to also provide access to ancestral food rich in complex carbohydrates. 




New homes were found for:
-246 Huli
-80 'Uala slips
-Tons of fliers!
& Lots of new connections were made.

Mahalo Jesse & Kokua!

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