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Chili Peppers

2024 Food+ Policy Priorities

  1.  Increase civic engagement in younger generations through empowerment and education.

  2.  Increase opportunities and remove barriers for young people to engage in small farming for local consumption – as a way of life or a career.

  3.  Decrease dependency on imported food and agricultural goods and increase local farmers and value-added products for Hawaiʻi food resilience

  4.  Incentivize and support regenerative and Native Hawaiian traditional farming and fishing practices

  5.  Create access to healthy, culturally appropriate foods for food-insecure communities and demographics

  6.  Provide farm to school programming--production, education & local procurement--for all learners

  7.  Support policies that serve the health and wellness of the people, the environment, social equity, and economic stability of Hawaiʻi

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